Freediving On One Breath [Video]

Freediving is as much a mental sport as it is a physical sport.

Freediving is a sport that requires self-mastery … the ability to turn off the rational reasoning mind during the dive.

William Trubridge, a 31 year old world record holder in freediving takes a few moments while training in the Bahamas to explain the sport and how he started freediving.

He explains that freediving is basically a sport where a diver holds his breath and goes as deep as possible. There are basically three disciplines in freediving ( no fins, with fins and free immersion). William currently holds two world records in freediving (a world record nofins to 101 meters and a world record free immersion to 121 meters)

Freediving at Dean’s Blue Hole , the deepest blue hole in the of the deepest.

William Trubridge explains the sport of freediving in the video below.

Image Source: YouTube Clips

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