Freedivers Trick and Terrify Scuba Divers

Have you ever been surprised or terrified by a surprise visit by a freediver while out on a dive?

The freediver vs. scuba diver thing can get out of hand at times. I have found a number of clips where scuba divers are literally shocked or should I say completely caught of guard by freediver tricks/ surprises.

If you think about it. Scuba divers are all kitted up and noisily blowing bubbles to sustain themselves below the surface. The last thing you would expect as a scuba diver is a silent able bodied person suddenly appearing without gear.

Watch a few of these clips to see how these scuba divers react to these unexpected surprise appearances of freedivers.

You can actually hear the scuba diver’s reaction in the clip below.

“Scuba Diver TERRIFIED by a Freediver” – YouTube video by Kaeo Landon-Lane

This freediver ultimately “gets” one of them.

“” – YouTube video by Paul Mcdonnell

At the end of the next clip the scuba diver is completely oblivious.. watch until the end.

“The Lonely Freediver” YouTube video by Freediver HD

Umm.. what did he just do at the end of the previous clip? The scuba diver seemed oblivious.

Perhaps its a fear of the unknown heightened by being in a foreign environment for most of these scuba divers? Thoughts?

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2, 3

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