Floating Cities – Now Existing & Future Planned Floating Cities

Serious plans are in the works for building self sustaining eco-friendly floating cities.

The thought of living in and among floating cities sounds like a far fetched idea. However, if you give this idea a bit of thought, you will see that it isn’t that far-fetched at all.

In fact, there are a number of floating cities already in existence now. They are scattered around the world. Granted, they are not as modern or glitzy as the proposed design, but they are still floating cities. Vietnam’s Halong Bay, for example, is currently occupied by 1600 inhabitants that live in groups of floating villages.

Watch the following video clip for an idea of what a floating city could be like.

“A Floating City Concept” – YouTube video by geobeats

It is easy to understand how floating cites, such as the proposed cities presented in the video below, can solve two major problems facing humanity.

They offer solutions for dealing with our ever increasing over population and rising sea-levels . It is estimated that by 2050 our sea-levels will have risen by about a foot.

There are basically two types of floating city deigns. These designs include pontoon and semi-submersed surfaces. There is even the thought of converting existing oil rigs into floating cities.

The plans seem to be really sci-fi , but very practical. over 80% of our oceans have not even been explored yet. The potential is awe expiring.

Watch the following video for a glimpse of the futuristic designs and projects on tap for allowing us to become sea-based.

“Everyone Will Live in Cities on The Ocean Soon, Here’s Why” – YouTube video by BrightSide

It all sounds great, but I could only imagine the engineering challenges of constructing long lasting structures that are seaworthy and durable enough to stand the elements.

BTW, I wonder if they have made any special provisions for scuba diving from these proposed cities?

Read for more details about floating cities here on theconversation.com.

Cover Images Source: YouTube Clips
Image Source: YouTube Clips

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