Fish Are Found To Sing Like Birds At Dusk and Dawn [Video]

To their amazement a group of researchers discovered that fish are quite vocal. This discovery shatters the belief that dish are silent.

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A group of scientists form Curtin University in Western Australia conducted an 18 month study in which they found that fish are not silent at all.  In fact, fish are found to sing together just like birds at dusk and dawn.  Fish were always thought to be silent animals, but now there is concrete evidence that they are in fact quite vocal below the surface.

They used two sea-noise loggers at 21.5 km apart at a depth of 8 and 18 meters and were able to identify seven different fish choruses.

Image Source: YouTube Clips

Images Source: YouTube Clips

Now we have evidence that fish hoot and holler to each other to call on mates, settle territorial disputes, and find food.

Robert McCauley from Curtin University in Western Australia and his team just completed an 18-month study of fish sounds in the coastal waters off Port Headland in Western Australia, and in that time, managed to identify seven distinct choruses, which rise up at both dawn and at dusk.

You can listen to three of the choruses ‘singing together’. That lone ‘foghorn’ sound is made by a black jewfish (Protonibea diacanthus), while the grunting call that the team compares to the “buzzer in the Operation board game” comes from a species of Terapontid – a family of fish known as grunters or tiger perches.

The softer “ba-ba-ba” chorus is being made by batfish.

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