Fantastic Diving in Bonaire w/ Diver Accident Profile [video]

The following video of diving in Bonaire is just awesome, but ends with near tragedy.

Diving is a wonderful sport. It is highly technical and requires being prepared for the unexpected.  Even seasoned divers of 20+ years must not become complacent when it comes to being prepared for any conceivable diving  mishaps.  One of the most difficult skills, and probably the most important is to remain calm and execute your practiced emergency plans if things go wrong.

This video shared by one of our followers, Benjamin Thomas,  illustrates the need for maintaining preparedness and not becoming complacent. Many well seasoned divers have never experienced emergencies when diving and it is easy to become complacent with respect to practicing and executing emergency scenarios.

The following video is well produced and captures many aspects of  a beautiful dive in Bonaire.  However,  it is cut short by a dive accident. Benjamin’s wife and dive partner experiences a primary regulator failure at 60 ft.  Forgetting about her second stage backup, panics and makes an emergency ascent. She is a 20 year seasoned diver. Fortunately the boat captain saw her surface and was able to dive in and rescue her, allowing Benjamin and the DM to complete their safety stop in route to the boat.  They administered oxygen and got her to back to port.  She was diagnoese as near drowning  and bent.  She recovered after 13 hours in a hyperbaric decompression unit and looks forward to diving again after a 6 months restriction.

The moral of the story … Enjoy Diving … Stay prepared, don’t get complacent.

Watch the video below to see what scuba diving Bonaire has to offer…. and for additional details about the incident.

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