Ear Care For Divers [video]

Often overlooked by divers is the importance of proper care for our ears/aural hygiene.

Thats right… care for your ears is crucial for maintaining a healthy ear especially for divers and snorkelers.  Ear wax build-up can certainly ruin your dive trip.

Extreme buildup can form a a plug in your ear canal that traps air between itself and the eardrum.  This condition could result in a ruptured eardrum due to pressure eqalization.

An earwax plug can also lead to a form of vertigo that results from chilled water entering one of your ears, while being blocked from entering your other ear.  This condition can cause a temperature differential between your two ears that can result in what’s called caloric vertigo.

You can read further about how to properly maintain your aural hygiene here on diversalertnetwork.org

The following video illustrates wax buildup removal and the importance of wax removal by a medical doctor for divers. ( Currently age restricted – Click here to view)

Images Source: YouTube Clips

See  below for a more details about Ears, Sinuses and Barotrama for Scuba Divers

DAN’s  Medic, Marty McCafferty, addresses the issues involved with Ears and Sinuses in the video below.

He Covers, in fair amount of detail, each of the following areas:

  • Anatomy
  • Physics
  • Additional techniques for dive educators to provide assistance to other divers
  • Prudent and appropriate use of various medications in practical terms

Watch his fairly comprehensive about Ears and Sinuses for scuba divers in the video below.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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