DPVs and Personal Submarines For Divers [Videos]

There seems to be a budding craze going on in the personal submarine space.

Seemingly the imagination is the limit when it comes to designing these submersibles. However, it is reallythe pocketbook that is the limiting factor here.

The options range from open cockpit vehicles to completely sealed submersibles.  The high end submersibles are equipped with  on-board pressurized systems that provide oxygen and completely dry cockpit for its passengers. Where as the open cockpit submersible vehicles  have open cockpits that are designed for transporting scuba divers in full gear.

The following are samples of some of the personal submersibles that are  currently available in these categories.

“Best Personal Submarines In The World” – YouTube video by SPOTLIGHT

For those of us on a more limited budget

The following video highlights 5 cheapest submarines that everyone can buy with a more limited budget.

“5 CHEAPEST Submarines Everyone Can Buy” – YouTube video by Glam TOP 5

The Sea Breacher is a fun alternative. Designed to resemble marine life, this vehicle is capable of breaching and rolling. it has  top surface speeds of up to 55Mph. It has an um-pressurized, but dry cockpit that uses a snorkel system for oxygen. The Sea Breacher is available to resemble a variety of marine mammals.

“Seabreacher Semi-Submersible Dolphin-like Watercraft” – YouTube video by OddityMall

Images Source: YouTube Clips

Details: The three seater Mk 1C Submersible is an open cockpit submersible that is powered by twin electric engines. It is designed for divers in full gear and has a surface speed of of about 10mph and 13mph below surface. It can go as deep as 310 feet and has a range of 92 miles. The Mk1 can be configured as needed to support your diving needs.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

And last , but not least the Scubster, a highly maneuverable open cockpit submersible for divers. What makes it unique is that it was designed to be human powered ( you pedal it), but there is an electric version of the Scubster that can reach a top speed of 4km/h … Perhaps the most practical for most of us LOL

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2, 3, 4

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