Dolphins Can Be “Not So Friendly”

Alert! Be aware that this post may change your opinion of dolphins, especially wild dolphins.

Yes, dolphins are one of the most loved marine animals in our seas. They appear to be playful, friendly and inquisitive with humans and even our pets (dogs). Dolphins are loved by the media and, as a result, practically everyone on the planet. There are even many stories about dolphins helping people stranded at sea.

So, its natural that everyone would love dolphins as much as we do. However, like most animals on our planet, they do have dark side.

Rarely do you ever hear about the other aspects and more darker aspects of their lives in our seas. I recently came across the following video clip that describes the darker side of dolphins.

I found this video clip to be a bit depressing. I, like most, see in dolphins what “appears” to the perfect friendly, intelligent and altruistic animal both above and below the surface.

Reality Check About Wild Dolphins:

However, a little reality goes a long way. We, as humans, tend to overlay our human characteristics/emotions etc. on other animals and judge them by what we consider acceptable human behavior.

That is well and fine. We also love our fellow humans, for the most part. However, we are well aware that there are quite a few”bad” humans and “bad” places that we are wise to avoid. So using this same analogy dolphins likewise can have a bad side, for lack of a better term

Watch the following video if you are willing to challenge your opinion about our dolphin friends.

“The Dark Side of Dolphins You Don’t Want To Know” – YouTube video by Wildlife X Team International

I guess you can say that there are all types of moods, personality traits and groupings ( good & bad) that we must be aware of when dealing with any intelligent animal. Including dolphins.

Good” Dolphins:

The following video is a compilation of 8 unbelievable dolphin rescues.

“8 Most Unbelievable Dolphin Rescue Stories!” – YouTube video by Origins Explained

Bad” Dolphins:

“Dolphins furious attack” – YouTube video by Animals

Sharks are even terrified of dolphins. Nonetheless, dolphins are amazing animals and like all other animals, including us humans, has a dark side.

Images Source: YouTube Clips, 1 ,2, 3, 4,
Cover Image Source: YouTube Clips

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