DIY Scuba Propellers for Scuba Divers [Video]

Ever think about making your own scuba diving propulsion system?

If you ever wondered about how  to  go about creating your own propulsion system.. look no further than the work by Rulof Maker.

He basically assembles a set of propeller devices which he affixes to what used to be high top sneakers.

Beer Can Housing For Motor

Beginning with a set of aluminum beer cans, a grinder, 2 24V 4k rpm motors, door pistons, vinyl tube as well as a door piston.  The motor and piston is inserted into beer can and is sealed with silicone glue. Next 6cm. propellers are affixed to the end of piston.


Window Piston Component

Two12v batteries  with a relay switch and reed switch are connected with associated copper cables. Thie assembly is laced in large PVC pipe to house the batteries and keep them dry.

The project is completed by attaching the motors to the back of a pair of high-top sneakers.


Nearly Completed Propeller System

See below to watch a video of how to make this device and see it in action

Watch this DIY Propeller system being made and then put to the test in the video below.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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