Diving in NYC For Mammoth Bones [video]

Who would think about diving in NYC ( New York City’s East River) for mammoth bones? Well this team of divers did.

As the story goes someone dumped about five tons of mammoth bones in New York’s East River at or near 65st St. in 1941. These bones are said to be worth $100ks of dollars. So the stakes could be high.

This dive isn’t exactly a “cake walk”. It involves diving in very cold waiter and very strong currents of about 6 knots. These dives had to be planned around the river’s slack tide ( the 20 minutes of low/no current when the river’s current reverses).

Take a minute to see what they found diving in NYC East River the video below.

“Diving NYC’s East River for Mammoth Bones! – Breaking News (Joe Rogan)” – ouTube video by DALLYMYD

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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