Divers Riding Sharks Are In Trouble

Divers Riding Sharks

Apparently riding sharks has become a trend in the Mediterranean..

Apparently divers are now trying to become “cowboys” by riding dusky sharks off Hadera. The Orot Rabin Power Plant, Israel’s largest power station and world’s largest desalinating plant attracts large numbers of sharks.

Swimmers and divers are being warned to avoid the area while the sharks are in the area. Apparently some thrill seeking divers, as they are called are attempting to ride these endangered sharks.

As the article quoted below states, ” this is not the only time swimmers and divers have attempted to ride sharks.

Attempted rides on whale sharks is also an issue with authorities.

This group of divers filmed themselves riding a whale shark in Indonesia. This is just unbelievable. Fortunately they were found and arrested.

“Scuba diver arrested after riding a whale shark” – YouTube video by CGTN

The sharks off Hadera are mostly sandbar sharks and dusky sharks.

Sandbar sharks are not considered dangerous, but their large size means they can still pose a threat to wannabe cowboys.

Dusky sharks, however, are considered dangerous and the NPA most definitely recommends swimmers not approach them, never mind attempt to ride them.

They are also endangered. Studies suggest that dusky shark population numbers are only around 20% of their mid-1970s levels.

The dusky shark is endangered largely because it is still targeted for the trade in shark fin soup, with devastating results. Recent studies have suggested as many as 750,000 dusky sharks could be caught for their fins every year.

H/T – Malaysia Now

I guess videos like the following one featured on Discovery don’t help the issue.

“Shark Week – Riding a Great White” – YouTube video by Discovery

Read the full story here on Malaysianow.com

Images Source: YouTube clips 1, 2

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