Scuba Diver Sucked Into Vortex of Currents( video)

Professional scuba diver gets caught uncontrollably into a vortex of currents.

This video has been around a while, but it continually resurfaces due to its horrifying depiction of a scuba getting caught in a vortex of currents.

The diver is professional underwater photographer, John Hoover. He was diving at Nakalele Point Maui when this occurred.  Fortunately he survived this event unscathed.

Clip From the YouTube Video … Seconds before getting sucked away

This just goes to prove that no scuba diver is immune to the power of the ocean. Amazingly, this entire event was caught on film.

Watch the entire event unfold in the video below.


Watch the video below and pay attention at 2:33.

“Hoover gets sucked into oblivion” YouTube video by Chris Quarre

Images Source: YouTube Clips

[updated 3/18/2022]

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