Diver Attacked By Criminals While Scuba Diving [Video]

Unbelievable … Scuba diver is attacked while diving off Kona Coast Hawaii.

That is right, she was attacked at 50ft underwater by a group of divers that were apparently up to no-good.  Rene Umberger was documenting coral reef damages when she came across a pair of divers that were apparently up to illegal activities of collecting marine life to sell.

As she encountered them one of the divers swam rapidly over to her and removed her regulator.  Fortunately Umberger is a very experienced diver with over 10k dives.  She says that any other less experienced diver would have panicked and most likely not survived.

Umberger has identified the suspects and is seeking to have them arrested and charged with attempted murder.

See Next Page Below for  a full video report of this horrifying incident.

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  • The problem is, our country is too soft on crime. Both should be hung, but most likely will either get off or probation. They will claim is was a misunderstanding!

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