Dive Catalina Island’s Kelp Forests [video]

Southern California’s Catalina Island is known as one of the best places in the world to dive kelp forests.

In the following video Johnathan Bird of BlueWorldTV compares these underwater forests to a typical forest that you would find topside.

He arrives at the Avalon settlement on Catalina Island and begins a shore dive from Casino point.  This remarkable dive site is just a 90 minute ferry ride from the mainland. Casino point is  a marine reserve just outside of the harbor. This dive site site is a protected area that is actually set up as a dive park. It even has  staircase access directly into the Pacific Ocean where there is excellent visibility and loads of kelp.

Kelp are amazing organisms that can grow up to 14 feet in height/length in a single growing season by growing up to 2 feet per day.  Kelp forests are great habitats for fish seeking refuge from predators. Therefore,  kelp forests are home to thousands of fish as well as other forms of marine life that make your diving experience all that much better.

Watch the following video by Johnathan Bird to preview what diving kelp forests would be like.


Images Source: YouTube Clips

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