Deadly Antarctic Creature Discovered? [Video]

It reads like a science fiction story, but apparently a group of scientists discovered  what they call a bizarre and deadly life form.


This is a story that seems to be re-surfacing again. For what ever reason it is capturing attention again. So, here it goes:

A defecting Russian scientists tells of the discovery of a highly intelligent and deadly life form in early 2012.  He and a team of researchers discovered were exploring Lake Vostok in Antarctica.  The lake is a fresh water  lake located 12,366 ft below the Antarctic ice.  It is  more than 1000 feet deep and has a surface area as large as Lake Ontario and has been sealed off for between 15 and 34 million years.

The expedition finally succeeded, after 30 years,  in drilling through more than 2 miles of ice.  In early February 2012 an 8 member team entered the lake and were not heard from for a period of 5 days. They came across the creature on the first dive.

This creature is octopus like and has been named Organism 46-B. It is highly intelligent and able to paralyze its prey at distances of up to 150 ft.  It claimed the lives of three of the researchers.  It is said that, for what ever reason, this discovery was/is being kept secret.

In my opinion … Some aspects of this story seem to be somewhat unbelievable… What do you think?

Watch the following video for a full description of the creature as well as  the expedition.

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For more detail you can read the full story here.
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