Cave Diver Jill Heinerth Explains Cave Diving [Video]

Jill Heinerth explains the lure of cave diving on TED Talks.

Jill transformed her original desire to become an astronaut and become an underwater explorer (cave diver) instead. Jill is very passionate about exploring what she calls “inner space” and working with biologists, archaeologists and climatologists to advance our knowledge of the underground and underwater waterways.

In the video presentation for teenagers, Jill explains her explorations ( 1st person to cave dive Antarctic icebergs, 1st to do 3 dimensional maps of an underwater cave system) as well as the importance of exploring what lies beneath us.

Her short talk is very informative as well as motivating. You may develop a new interest in cave diving after watching her talk.

Watch Jill explain cave exploration in the video below.

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