Bull Shark Attacks Diver, Takes Arm and Leg, But Diver Perseveres

Bull Shark Attacks Diver

Diver survives a dismembering shark attack. Paul de Gelder, a Navy clearance diver shares his experiences, recovery and overcoming his fears to face bull sharks again.

While on a routine clearance dive in Sydney Harbor he was viscously attacked by a bull shark. The shark nearly took his life. It ripped off Paul’s arm and leg. However, miraculously he survived this ordeal and despite his injuries, he persevered.

Watch the clip below to see Paul’s story. See how he overcame the physical and mental challenges to pull his life back together. In the following clip Paul also shares his fear of bull sharks. See how he overcomes this as well, four years later.

Watch Paul’s story below and how he faces bull sharks again in the clip below.

“Brave diver’s arm and leg ripped off by bull shark in Sydney | 60 Minutes Australia” – YouTube video by 60 Minutes Australia

You can say Paul character is made of nails. I am not sure that many other folks would have been able to pull off such a recovery and come-back.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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