Brave Divers Explore Newly Opened Sinkhole [ Video]

An unimaginable occurrence suddenly took place near Rainbow Beach Australia.

At about 10:30 pm (AEST-  September 27)  while asleep a number of campers found themselves suddenly swallowed up into 300ft wide sinkhole that developed below their beach-side campsite. Fortunately there were no injuries, but their vehicles and camping equipment were gobbled up by the sinkhole  .

A group of brave scuba divers from the Wolf Rock Dive Centre took it upon themselves and against warnings to dive the sinkhole with hopes to assist in the recovery of some of the vehicles and campers that were taken under.

The sinkhole is a dangerous dive site because of the mangled cars, camping equipment and trees piled up at the bottom. It s even feared that the bottom is not solid, it is more like a quicksand.

The divers captured part of their dive in the following video clip. Watch it  below.

Wow, it really does look like an unusually dangerous dive. There are so many opportunities to get tangled or snagged, especially with air hoses from a surface air supply.

Watch their sink hole dive in the short video below

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