Boaters, Its A Dive Flag – There are Divers Here [video]

Divers understand the importance of dive flags .. However, many water craft operators don’t respect the importance of them.

With the increased of all types of surface water vessels everyone needs to be informed of  what the Diver Down  flag means and stick to the rules.

The following video, by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, covers all of the major points for both boaters and divers…Respect the flag!

Watch the video below.

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Just recently a Scuba diver was injured  by a dive boat about 1 mile outside of Hollywood Fl. while surfacing for a 70 ft dive. Fortunately he was rescued by his dive boat shortly after.

The diver suffered injuries from being struck by the passing boat’s propeller.  He was transported to the Broward Medical Health Center suffering from  injuries to his back and shoulders. The latest as of this post is that he is in stable condition. Read the full story here on

Video Source:

These incidents seem to be happening more frequently lately, or perhaps they are getting more media attention. We have seen another  incident a few months ago where a diver was struck by her own dive boat.

Something must be done…

In fact,we recently recieved the following video clip from a subscriber that almost got hit by a boat that ignored his diver down flag (User Submitted Content):

This is a very common problem.  Please share any incidents you have experienced in our comments section below.

“Diver almost gets hit by boat” – YouTube video by Kotek Time

We are scuba divers from MN. Friday we were diving Lake Okobji IA and a boat bumped our diver down flag/boui we were only in 10 ft of water. Help us spread the word on this … we only have 475 subscribers so I know we won’t reach enough people but it was extremely scary! With your help maybe we can prevent what could be fatal accidents on the lakes in Minnesota!

H/T – Kotek Time ( YouTube)

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