“Avatar: The Way of Water”- Behind The Scenes Underwater

Avatar: The Way of Water - Behind The Scenes Underwater

“Avatar: The Way Of Water”, was a massive production. Filmed in great part underwater required its actors to undergo serious and extensive training across multiple disciplines.

After 13 yeas, the long – awaited “Avatar” sequel, “Avatar: The Way of Water” was finally released. This was another massively challenging film production by James Cameron. In fact, this production would be difficult under normal circumstances in a more traditional studio. However, it was made orders of magnitude more challenging by the need to film most of its scenes underwater.

There were many technical challenges to solve both in the studio as well as below the surface of the underwater studio that made filming this movie very challenging. However, we must not overlook the mental and physical challenges that the actors had to endure to contribute to this amazing undertaking.

To perform their roles, actors had to undergo serious training with that involved training with free divers, learning parkour and filming underwater. This type of training itself is difficult enough and requirement to perform and film it underwater made this Avatar movie one of the most challenging films ever made.

Watch the clip below to get a behind the scenes look at the unique technical and physical challenges were overcome to film this movie.

“Avatar Actors Intense Under Water Training” – YouTube video by Xplained

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