A Safe Swim With Sharks Takes A Bit Of Forethought – Not Excluding The Navy

I goes without saying that a safe (or safer) swim with sharks takes forethought/planning.

No one is exempt, regardless of your swimming ability and confidence in the water. Wherever and whenever there is a potential for sharks to be nearby, preparation is a good thing. Preparation includes anything from understanding shark behavior to a full-out tactical preparation.

Sharks, the apex predators they are, tend to be more inquisitive in their approach than aggressive. At least in their first approach. An understanding of their temperament and behavior goes a long way here. I would consider this the first and minimal level of preparation for a safe swim with sharks. After this there are all sorts of gadgets such as shark repellants and devices on the market to provide an added layer of protection from sharks.

In this post we will take a look at how the US navy takes precautions to protect sailors when they take their occasional dip in the sea for a bit of relaxation and recreation.

Watch the clip below to see how the Navy protects sailors from sharks during their recreational breaks at sea.

“What Happen When Sharks Swim Too Close to US Aircraft Carrier and Ships” – YouTube video by Fluctus

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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