A DIY Underwater Air Bubble Room [Video]

Making an underwater air bubble room ( Dome) is fairly simple to do..

Although the process of making an underwater room is simple as is demonstrated in the following video.. It is actually recommended that you do not try to do this on your own. As the video suggests, this dome was made by trained scuba divers so just enjoy watching how it is done and leave it to the professionals.

This video demonstrates the process and techniques involved in making the dome. The process begins with creating and tying together two circular hoops made of rebar. Next the dome’s structural components are assembled out of nylon string such that they provide a dome like webbing of support when lined with plastic material.

The DIY underwater room in the following video looks like a professional job

Furthermore, as strange as it sounds, there is a very practical use in underwater farming for these types of structures as demonstrated in the following video clip.

Although it looks easy to make these underwater bubble rooms it is very dangerous as quoted on the next page below.

Go to the next page below for a DIY presentation of exactly how to make your own underwater room.

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