A DIY Breathing Device For Scuba Diving?

A Do It Yourself home made breathing scuba device for breathing underwater…. seriously??

Well, this little device seems to work for this scuba diver. However novel it is, I don’t think I would rely on it at all and I would certainly not recommend anyone trying any of these types of devices on their own. This content is just to keep you informed and updated about what is happening in the world of diving.

Technically it seems to work well under limited circumstances based on this video clip and the combination of components used to create this homemade scuba gear is intriguing, to say the least.

He constructs it out of basic every day items too.


Wow .. amazing how he put it together… of course as he states don’t do this on your own.


Watch this tutorial video made by the device creator and let us know what you think.

We received a lot of comments about this post, but  folks seem to forget that scuba gear was once only available as a DIY hobby…. and not too long ago.

In fact,  an Australian start-up company has recently come up with a more professional version of this DIY project.  It is called the SCORKL .  The idea behind this project is to make shallow scuba diving accessible to everyone with maximum safety… Their kick starter page details that the device is intended for trained scuba divers below a depth of 3m ..Humm

The Scorkl is only intended for shallow water use. We recommend that scuba-trained users not use the Scorkl below 10m and that non-scuba-trained users stay above 3m in depth as mentioned above.

Each Scorkl comes fitted with a pressure gauge so that the user can know how much air remains in the cylinder at any time.

Read for further details here on kickstarter.com

Image Source: YouTube Clips

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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