99% of Ocean Plastic Pollution Missing

Ocean Plastic Pollution Missing

There is a large patch of floating garbage debris between Hawaii and California. It is just 1 of 5 large garbage debris areas found around the world.

There are five large areas of floating ocean debris in our world’s oceans. these areas contain all kinds of plastic garbage from discarded medicine bottles, toilet seats to clothing baskets and who knows what else.

Upon studying and analyzing current observations, scientists now believe that 99% of what they expected to find isn’t there. Apparently it just may be hiding below the surface.

The following clip scientists share with us their search for tons of missing floating plastic debris. You will be quite surprised to find out where most of it actually is.

Watch this highly informative clip below to see where they found this missing plastic.

“Why 99% of ocean plastic pollution is ‘missing'” – YouTube video by Vox

The situation seems kind of dire. There is already so much pollution in our environment and we are adding to it daily.

Lets be as diligent as possible with our re-cycling and cleanup efforts to get things going in the right direction.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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