15 Dangerous Marine Animals To Definitely Not Touch When Diving or Snorkeling

We all know about the “don’t touch rule”, but who really follows it.

The following video clip explains what could possibly happen if you break the no-touch-rule this rule with any one of these 15 sea creatures.

There are many marine animals are fairly well known as dangerous by divers and non-divers alike. However, there are quite a few dangerous organisms that are not commonly discussed in the touch vs. no-touch circles. What’s interesting is that many of them do not appear to be dangerous at all.

If you follow the no-touch rule, there should be little to worry about as it relates to the dangerous associated with these ocean creatures. Nonetheless, you should be acquainted each of them in the event that you encounter ( or have a close encounter) with any of them while out on a dive.

Watch the YouTube video below. This video does a great job explaining most of what you need to know about each of 15 dangerous sea creatures and the potential consequences of touching them.

“15 Dangerous Ocean Creatures You Should Never Touch” – YouTube Video by MissingFiles

Keep in mind that while we are focused primarily on scuba diving and scuba divers, this information applies not only to scuba divers. The cautions about interacting with the dangerous marine life highlighted in this post also applies to snorkelers and, in fact, anyone in and near the sea.

Have you ever encountered or touched, by mistake, of course, any of them?
( If you did and answer, we can assume it wasn’t a deadly encounter.. fortunately 🙂 )

Images source: YouTube Clips

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