Ocean Map Creation Challenge

Ocean Map Creation Challenge

As it stands now only about 20% of the world’s oceans and seas have been mapped. Understand the challenges of creating a complete ocean map and why its important to do.

I don’t think anyone fully understands how little we know about the oceans and seas that cover about 70% of our planet. With only 20% of this vast area unexplored, or even mapped it is quite possible to imagine almost anything being there.

The following clip describes a large multi-organizational challenge and fundraiser to map the oceans by 2030. The clip below explains the various methods and technologies used to map the floor of the ocean. Its an enormous challenge.

Watch the following clip to more fully understand the technical challenges associated with creating ocean maps and why mapping the oceans is so important.

“Why 80% Of the Oceans Aren’t Mapped” – YouTube video by NEO

Its amazing that, even after all of the planned efforts to map the oceans will only result in an ocean map with a spatial resolution of only about 5km per pixel depending upon depth.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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