Night Diving – Reef Activity After Dark

Night Diving - Reef Activity After Dark

The advantages of night diving are often overlooked. Night diving the reefs of Belize reveals amazing reef activity that’s rarely seen during the day.

Activity on the reef is completely different during the day and night. Its quite understandable that most divers prefer to dive during the daytime while the sun is out. However, if you can just step outside of your comfort zone a bit you may discover a new passion in diving.

Take a glimpse at what you be missing. Watch this clip below. Jonathan and Zach, of BlueWorldTV, explore the magnificent nocturnal reef activity off Belize.

Watch the clip below to see the amazing wildlife activity that happens only when its dark.

“What creatures emerge underwater at NIGHT in Belize?” – YouTube Video by BlueWorldTV

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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