What Is Going On With Dolphins In Texas?

What Is Going On With Dolphins In Texas?

What is going on folks? This is getting serious. Why are people trying to ride and harass dolphins in Texas?

This is a bit crazy. Riding wild dolphins? Hopefully this is a 1-off story and only occurring in Texas.

So as it goes, beach goers have been harassing dolphins at at Quintana Beach, Texas. Here a stranded dolphin was rescued and harassed by beach goers attempting to ride the dolphin. a $20k reward is being offered for information leading to the people responsible for this harassment.

“$20K reward in case of dolphin harassed on Texas beach” – YouTube video by KHOU11

Apparently this isn’t a 1-off event and the following one is even more abusive. As this one goes someone stabbed it in the head with a spear like object. there is a $7k reward for information leading to who is responsible for this.

“Lee County Sheriff’s Office asking public for information in impaled dolphin case” – YouTube Video By FOX 4 Now

So now it shouldn’t be surprising that perhaps dolphins are getting wise to what is happening. Therefore, we may be getting more reports such as the following about an aggressive dolphin that we need to avoid.

“NOAA issues warning about aggressive dolphin ahead of Memorial Day weekend” – YouTube video by KILL 3 NEWS

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2, 3

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