Newly Discovered Blue Hole In The Great Barrier Reef [video]

New Blue Hole Discovery In The Great Barrier Reef

Johnny Gaskell, a marine biologist, recently discovered a new blue hole in the Great Barrier Reef while using Google Maps.

Amazingly , the discovery of this very remote blue hole was made possible by Google maps.  Upon locating the blue hole, Johnny actually made a trip out there to get a first hand glimpse of what is described as a vibrant ecosystem. There he found large colonies of Bird’s nest corals and super elongated Staghorn Corals.

It is estimated that this blue hole is about 50  – 65 feet deep. He also points out that just months earlier a category 4 cyclone passed directly over the blue hole.  However, it was virtually untouched as it was protected by its deep walls.

The exact location of this blue hole remains a secret as of now.

Watch the following video for a glimpse of this amazing find. 

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