Caught Scuba Diving During an Earthquake [video]

This group of divers had the terrifying experience of diving while a 5.7 magnitude earthquake occurred and they captured in on video.

The group of divers were about 60 feet below the surface off the coast of Mabini (Batangas Provice, Philippines)  as a 5.7 magnitude earthquake shook the sea floor.  One of the divers, Jan Paul Rodriguez, was able to capture a video of this harrowing experience as they were on their way do a  a depth of about 130ft.

Naturally a video and verbal description of their situation is far from anything like being there, but  it was described as follows:

“It felt like there was a huge propeller of a big boat turning around directly above us,”Rodriguez told Newsflare.

“We heard underwater the trembling of rocks under the ground and we felt the shock wave,” he added. “It hurt our ears, feeling heavy breathing and sudden changes in pressure.”

The video above shows the sea floor appearing to rumble below the divers, stirring the sand and marine life into a haze.

“The seabed pumped up and down immediately followed by a strong shaking of the ground and the small rocks falling,” Rodriguez said.


Fortunately no one was seriously injured, the dive master aborted the dive guided them to the surface after the tremors subsided.

Watch the video below of their experience scuba diving as the ground beneath them rumbles.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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