Aliens & UFOs Under Our Oceans – Under Investigation

With the recent declassification of UFO footage the thought of aliens operating underwater bases becomes a valid question.

Recently the US Pentagon has declassified and confirmed the validity of a number of UFO videos/sightings. Many of these videos show UFO activity over open water and around military vessels.

As you know we have always heard and speculated about the existence of aliens and the validity of UFO videos and sightings. It seems that things are heating up on this topic lately.

UFOs are getting serious attention now

There is a new sense of candor on this topic by world governments. In fact, the Pentagon is expected to release a report on its findings in June.

These UFOs are classified as trans medium vehicles (TMVs). A trans medium vehicle is a vehicle that can break the air to sea barrier without destruction/impact or waves. Who knows what other barriers these UFOs can pass through?

Watch the highly informative video clip below about UFO sightings and the declassification of certain information about UFOs.

“UFO caught on camera: Pentagon confirms leaked images and video are real | 7NEWS” – YouTube video by 7NEWS Australia

As the following short clip highlights. We have explored only about 5% of our oceans. Therefore, with all of that unknown space who could possibly know?

Aliens may Be Operating Under Our Oceans

“Classified Reports: Aliens May Be Operating Under Our Oceans” – YouTube video by Daily Blast LIVE

Documented & Sightings of UFOs in the Soloman Islands

If you don’t believe what is being presented just watch the HISTORY clip below. It will really make you think about it a bit more.
“Ancient Aliens: SECRET UNDERWATER ALIEN BASE FOUND (Season 6) | History” – YouTube video by HISTORY

All of this is quite plausible. What do you think?

BTW: Did you know that someone has actually invented a real-life flying saucer. It is referred to as an ADIFO ( All-Directions Flying Object). It has unprecedented aerial capabilities as demonstrated in the video below.

“This Real-Life Flying Saucer Will Change Flight Forever” – YouTube video by Mashable

The following clip presents some interesting perspectives on what could be occurring now…. Interesting.

“The Most Important Alien Story NEVER Told | The UFO Conclusion | Absolute Documentaries” – YouTube video by Absolute Documentaries

Well all I can say is there is a lot of possibilities. Who knows what is really going on and how much of what we are hearing is true. What are your thoughts?

Images Source YouTube Clips: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Cover photo: Photo 174175683 / Ufo © Александр Марко |

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