When Breaching Whales Jump…

We all find ourselves in awe when these huge mammals breach the surface of the sea, but It doesn’t always go as planned for the whale nor its onlookers.

If you have ever been out whale watching or perhaps even thought of it, you understand the thrill of breaching whales. In fact, whale watching is a very popular tourist attraction at many locations around the world.

Whales love us as much as we love them and I believe they really don’t mean us any harm. I often feel that they know they are showing off and enjoying our reaction.

As big as they are, they are pretty precise in their actions, but… as with all mammals, they are prone to mistakes and miscalculations as you will see in some clips below.

As you can see, in the following YouTube Clip by Zoobru, whales do put on spectacular shows. You just have to be in the right place at the right time ( hopefully with your camera running).

“My Top 10 Whale jumps. Incredible whales on camera! (revised)” – YouTube video by zoobro

However there are a few, cases as you will see in a few selected YouTube clips below, where things don’t go as well as planned.

This video is a clear example of the need to follow your instincts and knowing when to exit a potentially dangerous situation….

“Whale Breaches On Boat Scraping Off Barnacles” – YouTube Video by T&T Creative Media

Naturally, there are times when you are just in the right place at the wrong time?

Watch how this plays out in the video clip below. Fortunately it seems that no one was injured.

“Humpback Whale Breaches on Top of Kayakers” – YouTube video by Sanctuary Cruises

Its explained in the video below, the whale is believed to have seen the kayakers and was as startled as they were. It appears that the whale attempted a mid-air avoidance roll on the way down.

“Why Do Whales Breach?” YouTube Video by Seeker

So, basically why whales breach isn’t really known, but it is a spectacle we enjoy watching … hopefully from a safe distance.

Images Source: YouTubeClips

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