Whale Swallows Diver

Whale Swallows Diver

Yes, it really does happen. This is yet another story about a whale swallowing a diver, by mistake of course.

Lobster diver, Michael Packard, while fishing near Provincetown Cape Cod had a very close encounter with a humpback whale. As it turns out, he ended up in the whale’s mouth for about 30 seconds until the whale surfaced and spat him out.

However unbelievable, this story is very similar to our other posts about divers and other folks getting swallowed up into a whale’s mouth. But this is the only one, one as I recall, where the diver discusses his injuries.

As we spend more time in the ocean’s prolific areas it is conceivable to get caught up in the frenzy of a catch. Whales are not a threat to us, but these types of encounters will happen from time to time.

60 Minutes Australia does an incredible interview with Michael… watch it below.

Watch the 60 Minutes Australia clip below for more details about this diver’s encounter with a feeding whale.

“Swallowed by a whale? This man’s incredible tale of survival | 60 Minutes Australia” – YouTube video by 60 Minutes Australia

There was a time when I thought that Jonah was the only human that ended up in a whale’s mouth. .. Oh well.

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