Walking Sharks of Australia

Scientists have recently discovered 4 new species of walking sharks.

That’s right.. walking sharks. Walking sharks are the most recently evolved shark species on Earth. They are reef dwellers typically found off of Northern Australia.

Instead of swimming around they walk around on their pectoral and pelvic fins. They are not known to travel long distances. They remain on the same reef for their lifespan and have been observed traveling only as much as a mile ( locally to their reef).

“Discovery afoot: New study cracks mystery of how wlaking sarks split” – Conservation International YouTube Video

The adaptation to walking offers these smaller sharks the advantage of being able to more easily poke their heads under rocks and coral in search of small fish, snails and crustaceans.

“”Epaulette Shark Walks on Land” – Nature on PBS YouTube Video

The epaulette shark’s small size allows it to thrive in shallow coral reefs. But when the tide rolls out it can be left high and dry. To avoid baking in the hot sun, the epaulette utilizes an extraordinary strategy – it walks to water.

H/T Nature on PBS YouTube Video

Fortunately, they are smaller in size and not the size of their larger counterparts such great white sharks. So you don’t have to worry about being chased around.. LOL

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Images Source: YouTube Clips

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