Venomous Sharks Back in London’s River Thames

Venomous Sharks

Yes, venomous sharks do exist. They are somewhat smaller than the typical sharks we often think of, but unlike their counterparts they are venomous.

Rarely do we hear bout these sharks, but they have been in the news lately due to their reappearance, along with other species to the once thought dead River Thames.

Watch this short video clip below to see how well the River Thames is recovering and the reappearance of sharks, eels, seals, seahorses and other species to it.

“Venomous sharks discovered ‘living in the Thames’ and breeding in shallow waters” – YouTube video by Science & weird

More about the spurdogs/spiny dogfish venomous sharks

These sharks are known as spurdogs or spiny dogfish. They have a venomous spine in front of their dorsal fin that can be used on predators. They use a clever technique of curling up in a bow to strike at their predators with their venomous spines.

Apparently these sharks are fairly prevalent throughout the world and over fished, but don’t get the attention of larger sharks. They are called spurdogs or spiny dog fish because they are known to hunt in packs of hundreds as they prey on smaller fish. Additionally, they have a life span of about 80 years and mature slowly with long gestation periods of about 2 years.

Watch the following video clip below by the Seattle Aquarium for more details about these venomous sharks

“All About Pacific Spiny Dogfish – Shark and Ray Awareness Day” – YouTube video by Seattle Aquarium

This news about the marine life recovery taking place in the River Thames certainly makes it a more appealing diving site.

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2, 3

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