Update: Orcas Attacks On Boats Continue To Increase

Update: Orcas Attacks On Boats Continue To Increase

If you haven’t heard, there is a serious problem with orcas attacking boats. There have been over 300 documented incidences in the last 2 years.

Sailors are terrified of orca attacks, and rightfully so. These marine mammals (Orcas) can be as large as 7 tons each. These attacks are occurring off the coast of Spain and Portugal. As explained in the video below, the attacks are focused on sail boats and can last for hours.

Groups of orcas get together to attack these sailboats They do everything from pushing them around like toys to disabling them by chewing off their rudders. This is a new and alarmin behavior that is now being passed down to future generations of orcas.

Watch the following video for more details about these orca attacks.

“Orcas increasing attacks on boats off the coast of Spain | DW News” – YouTube Video by DW NEWS

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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