The Megalodon Was Wiped Out By An Apex Predator That Still Swims Today

The Megalodon Was Wiped Out

It is a fact that the megalodon shark existed, we can all agree on this. However, what we don’t agree on is exactly what happened to them.

The following YouTube clip by Bright Side, presents a scenario that it was the Great White shark that is responsible for the demise of the megalodon shark.

As their story goes, the great white sharks ancestry existed along with the megalodon. Although the megalodon were huge and ferocious, the great white sharks were more nimble and smaller. They competed for the same food sources and the population of great white sharks was rapidly increasing. This coupled with the fact that juvenile megalodons were smaller that adult great white sharks made them a relatively easy source of food.

So, it would appear that most of the juvenile megalodons never got to fully mature as they were being consumed by great whites. Furthermore, the earth’s climate was changing and the poles were becoming ice caps. Many species adapted to the colder temperatures near the poles, but the megalodon maintained its preference for warmer water near the equator.

This preference for warmer water didn’t help the survival of the species. This would result in more megalodons occupying a smaller area with a smaller food supply as many other species moved and adapted to the colder waters.

Watch this entertaining and informative video below by Bright Side for further details about their theory of what really happened to the megalodon.

“What Really Wiped Out Megalodon Shark” – YouTube video by BRIGHT SIDE

This theory, about the demise of the megalodon species is among the best that I have heard.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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