The Megalodon – Recent Discoveries

As it turns out the megalodon is/was much bigger than originally thought and they didn’t/don’t resemble great white sharks as thought.

Recent research has reveled new facts and insights about the megalodon that were previously overlooked. The only tangible remains of megalodons are their teeth. These teeth are used to estimate the meg’s size.

A flaw was found in the methodology used to calculate the estimated size of the meg. As it turns out the megalodon is thought to have been twice the size of the original estimate.

One of the more interesting theories presented is the probable cause of their extinction. Now, the extinction of the megalodon is being linked to the explosion of a supernova. Theory has it that this supernova rained down radioactive particles into the sea. This radiation is thought to have been absorbed by the megalodon due to its size.

It is also thought that the megalodon would not have looked as much like a great white shark as we originally thought. It it is now believed that it would have had a shorter nose and longer pectoral fins.

The video below covers these topics as well as other interesting recent findings and theories about the megalodon.

Watch this entertaining and informative video below for more details about these discoveries below.

“Giant Shark Megalodon Just Grew 2x Bigger” – YouTube Video by BRIGHT SIDE

I am sure there is yet to be discovered about the megalodon. Who knows, perhaps there is a remote chance we will find one? LOL

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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