The Megalodon Is Not Our Most Likely Danger

As we know, our oceans are vast and largely unexplored. Perhaps we are mostly filling this void with plausible imaginary danger?

As we know, our oceans are vastly unexplored. It is said we know more about the moon than what’s in our own planet’s oceans. For this reason, it is up to our imaginations to fill the void of the unknown with what could possibly be out there.

The Megalodon Fills the Void

There are those who believe that there is something dangerous and scary lurking out there. Perhaps the megalodon fills this void. It is as a super huge version of of one of our most feared marine animals, the shark.

The lack of certainty helps some maintain hope of finding one in the deep. Believers have at least one thing right: The bottom of the sea is an enigma. Even though satellites have mapped 100 percent of its floor, a low-resolution chart alone doesn’t give us great insight into what actually lives there, says Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium Executive Director Craig McClain, who specializes in cataloging oceanic systems. While the idea of a deep-dwelling ancient creature is highly improbable, he says, the sliver of possibility is still tempting. Less imposing critters have indeed shown up unexpectedly; in 1938 biologists identified a living coelacanth—a species of fish presumed extinct for about 65 million years.

H/T -“Could an ancient megashark still lurk in the deep seas?” by

That being said, there are many accounts, unproven accounts about the existence of the megalodon as shown in the following video.

“10 Megalodon Sightings That Might Prove It Exists!” – YouTube video by The Unknown List

Although there is little evidence that the megalodon may or may not still exist. There is evidence of something else that may be perhaps more frightening.

One of the largest and most scary images that can come to mind is the megalodon, thanks to legends, rumors and Hollywood. But what about the U-28 creature?

Have you ever heard about the U-28 Creature?

Watch the following clip to learn more about the U-28 creature.

“The Case of the U-28 Creature” – YouTube video by Curious World

Or, How about the USS Stein Creature?

Since we are on the topic of sea creatures.. What about the USS Stein Encounter in 1976 out in the middle of the ocean by a squid like creature of up to 150feet in length.

“What Did The USS Stein Encounter While Out In The Middle Of The Ocean?” – YouTube video by Unexplained Mysteries

In 1976, the ship was attacked by an unknown species of giant squid. The creature damaged the “NOFOUL” rubber coating of her AN/SQS-26 SONAR dome. Over 8 percent of the surface coating was damaged. Nearly all of the cuts contained remnants of the curved claws found on the rims of suction cups on some squid’s tentacles. The claws were much larger than any reported at that time. The creature may have been up to 150 ft in length. However, this is only half the average for the proposed Teuthis rex.

H/T – “USS Stein Monster” by

In conclusion, who knows what is out there, but I don’t believe there is any immediate threat on the horizon from sea monsters. That being said, there is always the remote possibility of strange and unexplainable things occurring from time to time. 🙂

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Read more about the USS Stein Creature here on

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[Updated 11/29/2022]

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