The Megalodon Could Still Actually Exist and Most Believe So

We have all heard stories about the Megalodon being extinct for Millions of years, but not so fast with that assumption.

Yes, as we have all been led to believe the megalodon shark has been extinct for millions of years. However, now, there is plausible reason to believe that it still exists hidden out of sight. Scientists have been wrong about prehistoric sea creatures being extinct before.

See the Discovery Channel’s Poll results below that proves a lot of folks believe the megalodon is still alive somewhere.

There have been numerous reports of larger than life sharks ( 60ft or so). Some of these sightings have actually scared fishermen from their lifelong passions of fishing. In addition, there have been other sightings within the last couple of hundred year that could support the existence of the megalodon. Naturally, every attempt has been and is still being made to correlate these reports with the existence/nonexistence of the megalodon.

The megalodon may be extinct, but it might also be hiding deep within our oceans, perhaps even in the Mariana Trench. Over 80% of our oceans are undiscovered, giving the megalodon a lot of places to hide out. In fact, it costs over $30 million for the proper equipment to even explore the trench, and it takes some brave scientists and thrill seekers to give it a try. However, the money might be worth it. In 2012 the Brazilian Coastguard caught a very convincing video of a giant shark passing by them as they completed a rescue operation. Megalodon teeth have also been found that are just over 10,000 years old.. If scientists have been wrong about sea creature extinction before– like with the coelacanth– then they could be wrong about the meg too.

H/T “10 Reasons the Megalodon Could Still Be Alive” – YouTube by THE Richest

Teeth have been found and verified to be only 10,00 years old. These findings are well outside the range of the common extinction theory that the megalodon shark went extinct over 1.5 million years ago.

Watch the video below. It highlights recent megalodon reports and where we are now with proving/disproving the existence of the megalodon shark.

“10 reasons The Megalodon Could Still Be Alive” – YouTube video by Top 10 Facts

This video brought to my attention a few things that surprised me: (deprecated)

  • A place called Shark Tooth Hill near Bakersfield Ca. is loaded with megalodon teeth. People can dig up megalodon teeth ranging from 3 inches to over 6 inces in size. Furthermore, High quality 3inch megalodon teeth can fetch between $250- $500; 6+ inches fetch $300 – $800 and even some $10,000 per tooth. I guess its like digging for gold.
  • Estimated Profit to be had with the discovery of a megalodon shark
  • A single shark can bring in $1.9 Million in ecotourism over its lifetime .. wow

Possible Sightings of The Megalodon?

“10 Recent Sightings Of The Megalodon Caught on Camera” – YouTube video by Smart Pizza

So now I find my self actually beginning to believe that the megalodon shark may still exist in our unexplored waters… You?

Shark Week’s Megalodon Poll Results:

But wait, it is said that over 70% of Shark Week viewers believe the meg exists. Apparently the Discovery Channel aired what is being called a fake documentary about the existence of the megalodon. This poll revealed that about 70% of folks believe that the megalodon is alive somewhere. Read for more detail here on

Also note that the Discovery Channel stands by its documentary as explained on

Shark Week Megalodon Poll
Shark Week Megalodon Poll – Source

Who really knows?

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2, 3

[updated 9/10/2023]

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