The Last Orca In Distress Left All Alone Since 2011

Last Orca In Distress

I am disheartened to share this story about a 45 year old orca in distress named Kiska. Kiska is referred to as Canada’s lone captive orca.

As the story goes Kiska has been left alone in her tank since 2011 with no other marine life or cetacean company. Orcas are highly social animals with at least as much intelligence as we have. We cant even self quarantine for a week during a pandemic, imagine the plight of Kiska for like 10 years. Kiska must really be an orca in distress.

“The Last Orca” – YouTube Video by Toronto Star

There is a movement afoot to free Kiska. However, it isn’t really an easy task. Kiska has been in captivity since she was a young calf and has no social network or survival skills to rely upon if released into the wild.

Kiska now seems to be showing signs of real distress. Something must be done to help Kiska. Thought has been given to at least somehow provide the company of other marine life.

“World Loneliest Orca bangs its head against the tank At Canadian Marine Park” – YouTube video by News Alert

Watch the clips below for a better idea of what is and isn’t going on with caring for Kiska.

“Animal Justice Urges Authorities to Investigate Marineland Regarding Lone Orca Kiska” – YouTube video by Animal Justice

Read more about Kiska here at

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