Small Sharks Can Be Dangerous Too

Small sharks don’t come to mind when we think about dangerous animals. Perhaps, maybe they should though.

When dealing with sharks, any marine life for that matter, we must be very careful. Even the smallest of creatures can cause us unintended harm.

For example, in the following clip we see a fisherman ,Brett Reeder, reeling in a small lemon shark. While attempting to remove his hook, he was suddenly bitten. What seems like a relatively minor injury can become life threatening due to many other various mitigating circumstances. His injury ultimately required a helicopter lift for treatment. Brett explains in the video below.

Watch how this played out in the clip below. (* Warning – Graphic*)

“Shark attacks fisherman: I Lost my God Damm Pinky Finger | shark attacks surfer | Sharka Attack” – YouTube video by Buzz Your Brain

I guess the moral of the story is be careful around all large or small sharks.

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1

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