Sharks, Like Bullies Don’t Always Win, They Flee When Challenged

Sharks, so feared by us, are known to be apex predators. However, there is more to the story.

We all know that close encounters with sharks can be a very dangerous position to be in. Our minds are clouded by numerous accounts of sharks taking down their prey with precision as they viscously scouring the seas for prey. We can thank Hollywood for that, mostly.

However, as we begin to better understand sharks and their temperament we discover that perhaps we misunderstand them. Perhaps they are just opportunity seekers. More like bullies of the sea?

There are many documented circumstances that sharks, believe it or not , are easily (easier than imagined) to scare off. In fact, there is one account of a shark being scared away by a drone’s shadow.

Watch this clip below. Have you ever seen a shark swim this fast before? What speed for nothing more than a shadow. Terrified by a drone’s shadow. Amazing actually.

Watch this short clip by Matt Larmand below of a shark spooked by a drone’s shadow.

“drone footage of great white shark swimming at full speed” – YouTube video by Matt Larmand

Oh, and in case you didn’t know Sharks are Terrified of Dolphins. You can read more about why here.

In the following clip watch what happens this great white shark as it approaches a fur seal colony at the Robberg Nature Reserve in Robberg, South Africa.

“Massive Elephant Seal Chases Great White Shark Away From Seal Colony at Robberg Nature Reserve” – YouTube video by Storyful Rights Management

And so it seems that when challenged, especially by the unexpected, sharks flee. If we can just get past our perceptions we can see sharks as more of a bully than a threat. Is that possible?

Perhaps the following video by Lacey Williams created from drone footage for her Master’s thesis will do the trick.

Watch this fun and lighthearted video presentation below.

“Great White Sharks of Robberg” – YouTube video by Lacey Williams

Being realistic though, our preconceived perceptions of sharks can get in the way of our safety when suddenly encountering sharks. Read more about what to do if you find yourself face to face with a shark in one of our recent posts, “Face to Face Shark Encounters Do’s and Don’ts To Know”

Images Source: YouTube Clips, 2, 3

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