Sharks – Apex Predators Yes, But Not Always

Sharks - Apex Predators Yes, But Not Always

Sharks are apex predators. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have life-threatening challenges from what could be considered the smallest of creatures.

It may take a little work on our part to understand how such dominant animals as sharks, known for being apex predators, can be so vulnerable at times. This is because we only have a somewhat limited (Hollywood) understanding of what really goes on below the surface.

With improvements in technology, we are able to now observe more of what actually goes on below the surface. We can now actually observe what we would have thought unthinkable before, in action.

The following clip gives us a rarely seen view on some of the rarely observed, and surprising, challenges that sharks and other marine life contend with on a daily basis.

Watch the following clip. It is somewhat entertaining and very informative. Watch it to more fully appreciate the real vulnerabilities of sharks and other marine life.

“This Is What All the Sharks Are Afraid of” – YouTube video by WATOP

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