Sharks Afraid of Dolphins? Yes

Sharks Afraid of Dolphins? Yes

Sharks are considered apex predators, they don’t mess with dolphins. this leads to the question: Are sharks afraid of dolphins?

We have all been trained to believe that sharks rule the seas, but lets give this idea another look.

Fact is, sharks avoid dolphins and this is for good reason.

Dolphins are not only very intelligent, but able to take care of themselves. The combination of their intelligence, physical agility and strength makes them formidable opponents for sharks. For these reasons sharks of all sizes will avoid pods of dolphins.

Do sharks attack dolphins? Certainly, but these attacks occur when a dolphin is somehow compromised or nose fishing as pointed out in the following video.

As far as dolphin attacks on humans. Well, they do occur, but these attacks are typically provoked as explained in the video below.

Watch this short video below for more details and illustrations that explain why sharks are afraid of dolphins.

“This Is Why Sharks Are Afraid of Dolphins” – YouTube video by WILD VERSUS

Images Source: YouTube Clips

I guess you can say that this further adds to the statement that dolphins are amazing in so many ways.

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