Shark VS Dolphins in Human Encounters.

Yes, they are cute and all, but don’t misinterpret their pleasant appearances and antics.

Yes, dolphins are fun loving and pleasant to be around. However, please try to avoid and/or maintain a safe distance from dolphins encountered in the wild.

Wild dolphins can exhibit unpredictable behaviors like any other animal found out in the wild. What makes them a bit different is their size, agility, speed and intelligence. If you come across one that is having a bad day, lets just say it could be a big problem.

Sharks on the other hand, seem to be all about the food. We are not really on a shark’s menu. When we encounter sharks and give enough resistance (a punch in the nose for example) they will usually leave us alone. However, when dolphins are provoked it can be more of a mental thing/game/battle. Furthermore, they also have a tendency to get help from their friends in the pod.

You don’t really want to get on a dolphins “wrong side”. The folks over at BRIGHT SIDE even suggest that a megalodon would fear dolphins today, much like sharks do now.

The dolphin’s smile is really a bony snout filled with sharp teeth. When in attack mode dolphins use their snout and agility to ram their targets at very high speeds delivering an incapacitating blow.

To drive a point home, they are highly intelligent and work together as a pod . If you wrong one you wrong the entire pod of 10+ other dolphins. Its hard enough to imagine dealing with just one crazy dolphin. An entire pod would be just unimaginable.

Watch the clip below for more details and a human- wild dolphin encounter.

“” – YouTube video by BRIGHT SIDE

So, would you rather be surprised by the appearance of a shark or a dolphin while out in open water?

We often get news of shark attacks when they occur, but relatively little if any of attacks by dolphins. Therefore, a lot isn’t known about problematic human-dolphin experiences out in the wild. However, dolphins do have a dark side that you can read about here in one of our other posts.

I find this question bit harder to answer now. You?

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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