Shark Encounters – Unprovoked Attacks By Sharks

Shark Encounters - Unprovoked Attacks By Sharks

It may not be commonly known, but shark encounters with divers are fairly rare. That being said, this post highlights a few recordings of unprovoked shark encounters with divers well below the surface.

Sharks are not terrifying or traumatizing, but there are times ( relatively few, although one is enough) when unexpected encounters with sharks just happen. I guess you can say that sharks will be sharks.

In the following clip we see a number of unprovoked shark attacks. What makes these encounters somewhat different than the typical shark encounter is that they did not occur near the surface. In fact, most of these incidences occurred well below the surface. Perhaps tis is the reason that these divers were completely caught off guard.

Watch the following clip to see how these divers managed to escape from harm’s way.

“” – YouTube Video by Wildacious

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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