Shark Attacks Are Rare, But Brutal When They Happen

Shark Attacks Reported

Everyone is quite familiar with the threat that sharks pose when we enter the water. Fortunately, incidents with sharks are very rare. However, we must remain mindful that even one such incident is too many and may be very painful to hear about.

I recently came across the following YouTube videos. They present a candid look at shark attacks since the 1900’s. These videos focus mainly on incidents by large sharks, over 8 feet long.

These videos are from a new YouTube Channel called Sharks Happen. This channel chronicles all of the details surrounding shark attacks over the years. However, I must warn you that you may find them uncomfortable to watch.

We did think twice about sharing this, but we want to do our best to not sugar coat things and present them for what they are.

Shark attacks are very rare, as pointed out in the videos. However, these stories make the movie “Jaws” seem a bit tame … At least we know the movie was fictional, but these stories actually happened. 🙁

That being said, please feel free to skip the following videos is you find them a bit much.

“Great White Victory lap with Victim” – YouTube video by Sharks Happen

Here, Hal, the moderator presents another episode of 3 incidents with sharks.

“SHARK RIPS WOMAN IN TWO…and that’s not the half of it…” – YouTube video by Sharks Happen

Keeping it real shark attacks are really rare when not looked at in aggregate … these videos are based on shark attack files. I wouldn’t let these videos scare me out of the water, but I would also take advantage of the various shark protection devices currently on the market.

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Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2

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