Sea Animals That Chose The Wrong One -15 Incidences

Sea Animals That Messed With The Wrong Target -15 Incidences

Lets face it. Life below the waves is not all fun and games for its inhabitants. What looks beautiful and inspiring to us often glosses over the realities its inhabitants constantly face.

As it is pointed out in the clip below, the behavior of marine life seems to be changing. No one knows why, but the speculation is that it is nature’s way of reacting to changing conditions and food supply. A prime example of this is the development of orcas hunting together in large groups. Personally, I didn’t realize that tis behavior is a recent development in orca behavior.

The following clip is a compilation of incidents where marine life chose the wrong opponent. This clip also does a great job of explaining how different species of marine life protect themselves.

Watch this impressive collection of clips depicting marine life survival skills in the video below.

“15 Times Sea Animals Messed with the Wrong Opponent” YouTube video by The Supreme

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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