Scuba Diving Back In Time – The Ordovician Period

Scuba Diving Back In Time - The Ordovician Period

As much as we love scuba diving, its clear that diving during the Ordovician period wouldn’t be very appealing to us by today’s standards.

In the following clip Nigel Marvin travels back to the Ordovician period as a scuba diver to explore the sea, in particular Sea Scorpions and Orthocones.

This clip is very convincing … To be honest, It took me a few minutes in to the clip ( because of a phone interruption at the beginning of the clip) to “get it” that this was a what if dive scenario.

Anyway, I think the following clip is worth sharing because it does depict what scuba diving would be like if we could go back in time.

Watch the clip below for a glimpse at what diving back in time would entail.

“Chased by Sea Monsters – Sea Scorpions + Orthocone” – YouTube video by Hybodus109

Ok so, after watching the clip above lets be a bit more real. The following clip goes a bit further and explains that there is always the possibility that sea scorpions as well as other “thought extinct” creatures could still be out there. The term is Lazarus taxon – “Lazarus Species: 12 ‘Extinct’ Animals Found Alive”

Watch the following clip. It is quite entertaining and informative. It also shows how far some will go to create hoaxes out of plausible possibilities.

“Bizzare Sea Scorpion” – YouTube video by Epic Wildlife

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2

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